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An excerpt from Book Foreword By Louise Fletcher Academy Award winner, Best Actress:

…Christine is eminently qualified to share her experience about “Life on a Shoestring!” I’ve seen her in action with my own eyes. Her ability to communicate her ideas and her passions to others is one of her most impressive assets. And now she has turned her attention to sharing with you all these pearly bits of wisdom from her own struggle. All I can say is, you are in for a treat. There are many, many wonderful ideas in this book that you can apply to wherever you live …”

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“In the spirit of giving, now and always, I will donate a portion of proceeds from this book, to a few non-profit organizations that are dear to my heart — as I feel it is always good to give back!” ~ Christine

What Readers Are Saying:

I love the concept, your writing style, and there are many terrific ideas here!
~Kate Marciniak — Story Analyst at Miramax, Disney, Warner Brothers and other Hollywood studios.

One of the most practical books I’ve read in a long time! Christine offers up some great recommendations on how to make your dollars stretch, even in more expensive areas like Beverly Hills! ~ Mike Schwarz — Founder RibbedTee Undershirts

Witty, Winsome and Wise … Christine speaks to you from the heart! A “MUST” read for all ages.
~ Shirley Sniderman Madis — Communication Specialist, Actor and Playwright.

Knowing Christine, one would never realize she has lived ‘life on a shoestring in Beverly Hills.’ She is a committed community supporter, generous with her time, a great friend, and an uplifting person. Her book ‘Life on a Shoestring in Beverly Hills?’ will bring a smile to your face as she with great wit and charm demonstrates that you don’t have to be a millionaire to live in the City of the Stars.~ Mark Egerman — Mayor of the City of Beverly Hills, 2001 and 2005.

Your book is music to my ears! I especially appreciated the tips on dining out on a budget. My wife and I thank you! ~ Steve Horner  — Music Composer/Songwriter and Producer  – Horner Music

Christine Redlin shares a book full of real-world anecdotes that will entertain you,
motivate you, and provide you with tips for your everyday life … Christine shows you how the girl next door did for years. This book is full of cost saving tips & money earning secrets. Buy this book for your girlfriend, wife, mom, or yourself! Men read it too … Very creative
~ Jonathan Sturak — Filmmaker and Author of recent fiction novels “From Vegas With Blood” and “Smudge of Gray”



Wow. I just read your book. THANK YOU for sharing your secrets and wisdom. Your book is an education. I never knew there were so many free things in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA to do. Your writing is inspired and from your heart. How great!
~ Doug Campbell — Director/Filmmaker


Christine is an inspiring woman — giving the great gift of positive energy to friends, colleagues, and so many others who need a helping hand and a kind heart. Read her story, enter her world, and your life will be enriched. She truly represents the warmth and caring that is at the real center of life in Beverly Hills. ~ Hon. MeraLee Goldman — Mayor of Beverly Hills 1997-8, 2002-3 — Founder, Amie Karen Cancer Fund for Children.

Great job Christine … Fun tips and great advice on almost everything, especially attitude. Your own bright and positive attitude shows through :) … An easy and fun read. Love the cover. Your e-book guide is fabulous! A lot of work went into that. What a wonderful gift you have shared!
~ Suzanne Geimer  — Founder  Special Angel


Congratulations on this brilliant new venture. I know so many people will benefit from your valuable tips, and these tried and true pearls of personal wisdom shared with your own unique sense of humor and ongoing optimism. ~Bonnie Carroll — Publisher/Editor Bonnie Carroll’s Life Bites News

Christine, a longtime entrepreneur and social activist, makes the legendary and
sometimes off-putting Beverly Hills come alive. Her wit, sense of comedy, and
sheer determination to make the most out of living where she chooses, delighted
me. Fun to have an insider who lives like the rest of us! ~ Bill Lamond — a futurist, a founding member of the personal coaching profession in the U.S., and a master personal coach.

I read this delightful book and enjoyed it all. The book is informative and
insightful. I found myself changing my way of looking at life, and admiring the
writer for creating a “cup is full” kind of life despite all. She certainly Creates her life with a capital C. This is certainly a book worth  reading. I recommend it.
~ Jack Thompson — Author

Christine Redlin’s book is a great way for people to live life that are living within a budget. I even learned about new places and sites to check out that I had never heard of. ~ Renne Bainvoll Ph.D

Wow! What a comprehensive listing of free offerings in the City of Beverly Hills! Who would have thought to look for freebies in one of the world’s most expensive communities? Great guide for seeing the City on a dime! ~ Toni Bernstein


Christine has put out a wonderful book with handy tips that work whether you’re in Beverly Hills, Bal Harbour or Boise. It’s also one of the best West Los Angeles area travel guides I’ve ever seen, … and deals on dining that only BH “shoestring” insiders would know. The best thing is that after you’ve read them you can seek out similar deals in your hometown. In this economy, it’s a godsend. ~ Tom Pease — Vice-Chair, Human Relations Commission Beverly Hills, California

It works so well in these economic times! It’s been a great reminder to me that what’s important in life is who I am as a person and how I treat others and not  how much I have.” ~ Tina Mica, Los Angeles Radio Host 100.3 FM The SoundLA

Charming, witty exposition on the trials and joys of conscious living in the most famous of all cities where conspicuous consumption rules. I recommend this book!  ~ Darien Morea , Senior Catering and Conference Sales Manager, The Olympic Collection Banquet and Conference Center, Los Angeles, CA

I found this book interesting and I can definitely see the benefits of it to anyone visiting Beverly Hills. Awesome work indeed! ~ Tina Barnes, Australia

Good tips. WELL written! ~ Carrie Asi  – U.S.

Christine Redlin is truly one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had a conversation with … This book is full of tips for budgeting, and full of tips about living a beautiful life … I can’t rave enough about her. Whether you live in Beverly Hills, California, or any other city in the World — there is much to be learned from this book … ~ Brianna LempesisProfessional Actress/Singer/Model and Host